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I produced and composed the new Popol Vuh Beyond Album “Requiem for Florian”.

Popol Vuh is still alive the beginning of German electronic music Florian Fricke lives on in his piano and Moog tracks in the middle of our new project „Popol Vuh beyond“ a new Berlin soul mood in the timewarp machine from two old members of Popol Vuh and a new balkanian voice in the spirit of Florian’s musical genius It was a great journey for us to continue Florian’s legacy. enter and let yourself be thrilled.

Requiem for Florian

I did the mastering of the first album of the band sheer cerebral power called “Sucker Punch’d”

I played with two of these guys long time in the Wally Warning Band, they are really some of the best musicians in Munich, check them out.

band of the day

I am working since about 20 years with Martina Eisenreich on many of her projekts.

She is now one of the most remarkables composers in the german film scene. I did very often the mastering of her film albums, but in the last time

I also did some arrangement work in her films: Tatort, in der Familie II or Ein Sommer in Andalusien, ein Sommer in Istrien.

Martina Eisenreich

I did the remastering of the Popol Vuh legacy for a BMG Edition